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Song Of The Day! Tongues. ‘Sweetheart’ : Beautiful ensemble of sentiments and promises. A celebration, indeed.


Written after the birth of Tim Kwant’s daughter, ‘Sweetheart’ is a beautifully cosmic ‘celebration’ of life and its wonder. The effects of one’s own, never ceases to reveal the gorgeous shimmers of feeling fortunate in love. A delicate process of another whom you’d promised, will forever be yours to do so.

And in ‘Sweetheart’, that sentiment of everything that culminates in love, is brought forth with glorious chorus and dynamic guitar driven affirmations.

‘Sweetheart’ is their 1st single released in a 3rd and final EP of their series. The EP is titled ‘Find’ and is an ‘optimistic exploration into new horizons’.

The Glasgow based band, delivers with charming touches of sight and sound. The cascading vigil towards feelings that we love to feel, clamor for ears and you don’t mind leaning towards that notion. An immersive band, with visual and sonic world building, they deliver with punch and attitude in that subtle and guiding principals of machine and the organic.

The band is led by lead singer Tim, and completed by Andrew Stride, Matt Spicer and Pete Murch.


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