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Song Of The Day! True Body ‘Spirit City’ : That city of diamonds, await.

Debut LP, out April 2020.

True Body

This is the first song off True Body’s debut LP, coming out in April 2020, on Funeral Party Records.

Can a being… a circular and vapid being of flesh and blood, be the city of diamonds? Can it be that vaunted light up the hill of progression and achievement? A relatively sequined purpose of questions, never short for accustomed tone of vulgarity underneath the veil – it sits with you, as it simmers. It simmers at the edge of doubt and self emulation. It tears slowly like the cyanid of poisons, deforming and cajoling. It ravages as it smiles at the pit of your stomach – internal, and oh so real.

You dream as you drive, in the main street of that city. That city where the night lights, are as dim as the decades of your father. A moth filled summer calm, is broken by the soothing rituals of survival.

“What is this? Why is it this way?”

Calmly you reach out for your cigarette box, glance at the one stalk remaining, displeased and thinking of her. The warm air, passing through your out stretched arms out the driver’s side window, curls through with reminders as textural and content as her hair.

“What is this?” you ask of yourself, waking up.

You wake, with the cigarette slowly pitching another puff, with amber glow and smoky demeanor.

You wiggle your fingers, like a wave goodbye.

That city of diamonds, await.

True Body / Photo: José Alberto Martinez


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