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Song Of The Day! TTRRUUCES ‘The Disco’ : Always fun. Always talented. Always innovative and creative.


TTRRUUCES’ recently released self-titled debut album is shaping up to be a cult favorite for those who discover it, with fans becoming enamored by their sprawling blend of genres, unorthodox approach to story-telling and engaging visuals.

Said the band: “This was the first video we shot, and thank god we did, because you couldn’t film a video like that nowadays anymore. It was an important one, because we had to find and cast our Lost Boy that will come back in every video. Izzy (the director) told us she knew the perfect guy, we didn’t know how right she was then. We met Basti and instantly knew he was the one. He was exactly how we pictured our Lost Boy. He is now part of the TTRRUUCES Family and gave life to our fictional character” says the band.

‘The DISCO’ is released alongside a suitably effervescent video.

Syd drops into the local disco, sinks a drink and the vibe immediately shifts gears. As the dancefloor ignites, Sydleads a fervent force of disco devotees, gets lost into the depth of the night surrounded by a multidude of characters ranging from flamboyant youngsters to an older man in a sweatband and a feline friend.

The video represents the directorial debut of Izzy B. Phillips, the frontwoman of Brightonband Black Honey. It was filmed late last year at the Ridley Road Market Bar in Dalston. “The disco was magic to make, for me it’s a London Fear & Loathing twist on the classic disco we all know and love. I’m excited to put this video out and loved the concept of the album so working with Nat and Jules came really naturally to me.”


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