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Song Of The Day! Turtlenecked Shares ‘Sewing Machine’. New Career Heights In Brooklyn?

There are innovations and then there are innovations. Harrison Smith of the TURTLENECKED fame is in both categories and then he splits the words in half, then tosses them in the Passaic River on the New Jersey side. From there Harrison re-examines his work for the day’s ‘to-do’ list, that was stuffed inside his back right pocket. Taking out the crumpled wad of white paper, he expands his notes out of his neck, along the bounds of the future.

And the future is so, very bright.

Harrison just moved to Brooklyn, and with that fateful and positive action, we think his work will be on the way to becoming a seminal cornerstone for such musical evolution. With several publications under his belt, there is a big sense of anticipation for his upcoming 2019 season. With a new EP to be released this December, what can be expected is a possible full-length LP from Harrison mid 2019, which in turn could cement him in the Brooklyn scene for a long time to come.

Hope this scenario will come to pass, for Harrison’s just too talented and entertaining, not to do so. We sincerely hope Harrison will catch forest fire in the new cement jungles of Brooklyn.

With all of the successes so far, there are many more levels the artist will surely achieve. It’s a new chapter. Watch out for this Portland originating potential juggernaut of an artist.

‘Sewing Machine’ is the lead off of the EP ‘Springtime In Hell, which drops December 7th.



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