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Song Of The Day! Twenty Committee ‘Something New (feat. Chloe Rodgers)’ : A seductive intricacy dictates through the realm of this single.

'Something New'

Again teaming up with beautiful vocalist Chloe Rodgers, Scandinavian collective, Twenty Committee (led by producer Anders Källmark) offers their single, ‘Something New’ for the populous.

Chloe and Anders said: “The song lyrics written by Alex Starling, is about finding out that you are now happy in what you thought was a stagnant relationship. The production had hit its peak until Will, the co-producer came in with some great new ideas and beautiful piano playing, which then began to flow perfectly. The song was finished in one long studio day and night at RAK in St Johns wood. Very early in the morning, we realised that we had done it!”

Eviscerating in all of its ways, a seductive intricacy dictates through the realm of this single.

From one touch to another, from one corner to another, ‘Something New’ takes on a whole different vision of color. Division of whites and primary hues, the allusions highlights with amplified beauty through each syllable and consonant of it all.

A slow march of thoughts and dreams, delight for the many who can relate through 30,000 km distant glasses.

But relate to this vibe, we all do.

Let the chorus, sink in. You deserve it.


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