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Song Of The Day! Twin Replica Shares ‘ATP’. “Opens The Door To The World Of Unexpected Unknowns.”

With the heart beating, beat beat, her glands opened up with the anxiety of what’s to become of her. She opens the door to the world of unexpected unknowns. Her new chapter into a well of new triumphs, aches, pains, agonies, started today.

But the lining is bright, and she smiled. Confident with the notion that she wasn’t quite alone.

Song of the day!

“A.T.P is about mental health, heartache and trying to find your place in this world. Everyone has a purpose, no ones wants to be left behind, sometimes you need to break free of your chains and strive to be who you want to be, scars and all.”

The duo which makes up TWIN RPLICA are Leigh Taylor and Melanie Austin. They make and experiment the way we think it should be done. With influences and love for contemporary indie-pop, they forge ahead with what they love to do best.

In ‘ATP’, the beautiful vocals encapsulated by the equally pretty chorus, demonstrates emotional relevance for the story and for the story teller. Requisite propositions in defiance and possible victory is clear and crystalized quite nicely in the single.

We feel like the duo had been rummaging out what they wanted to do with their original scores. Slowly they peel away the shroud and hopefully show us all what they can do.

We’re hoping for an EP from the duo, very soon in the future.



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