Song Of The Day! UNDER THE RUG’s Eclectic And Soothing Alt-Rock Single ‘The Neighbor’s Dog’ Wins.

What inspires in this more and more hectic world that we inhabit? The thought of career success? A hero who climbs the highest of peaks in a far off land? A sports super-star who hits that history making home run? For some, telling stories, comes at the top of the list, and when in that genre of so many competitors, there is a band like UNDER THE RUG.

Song of the Day!

The band tells stories upon quirky stories, with hidden moral suggestions, or just as an exercise of humorous entertainment. But in the single ‘The Neighbor’s Dog’, the band continues to amaze with classic arrangements, delightfully and delectably sewn into a fascinatingly beautiful day trip.

Casey Dayan, the lead vocalist and guitarist for UNDER THE RUG put it this way about their single ‘The Neighbor’s Dog’: “‘The Neighbor’s Dog’ came together so easy. It has a lot of old-school roominess, while still being catchy and modern. The narrator kills his neighbor’s dog, and then questions himself, which is the real heart of the story: doing something you’re not proud of and wondering if you might have taken a wrong turn somewhere. That sentiment v. the happy-go-luckiness of the music makes it comical and weird and unique and fun.”

Drummer, Brendan McQueeney added: “Pretty much everything we released this year has been a weird/totally unique narrative. Take Sarah’s Daydream, for instance. It’s a pretty succinct story of a woman looking to get out of an abusive relationship. Or Three-Legged Dog, which [almost voyeuristically] follows a guy trying to find a place to spread his mom’s ashes. These are real stories. Casey works really hard on writing these songs.”

For sure Casey / Brendan.

But that’s where gold if found.

It’s been a long while since coming across such a plethora of quirk and pomp in song writing from a band. UNDER THE RUG, within this single, rides the fine line between indie-rock and classic rock, like the wind surfing rock-stars they embody.

Sometimes when trying hard to be ‘odd’, there are times when bands do become a bit pretencious. But not UNDER THE RUG. Not on this single. And when you slide your music loving heart, right to the chorus, you’re swept away and you’d become an instant fan, without even knowing it.

The single is tremendous.

The band consists of aforementioned Casey Dayan and Brendan McQueeney. Sean Campbell (vocals/guitar) and Jesse Holsapple (bass/vocals) complete this circle of goodness.

Cant there be inspiration in a band – a song? Yes. Yes there can be.

Their debut LP ‘Pale King’ is set to pave new paths in February of 2019.


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