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Song Of The Day! VALERAS Shares Dynamic Single ‘Your Honey’.

The power belongs to VALERAS. A formidable beckoning to traditional construction of sonic ecstasy, the dynamic single ‘Your Honey’ makes and continues to make its mark in the scene.

From the sonic boom of the beautifully choreographed and indulgent vocals of Rose, ‘Your Honey’ prognosticates into a gritty and gorgeous thrusts of hooks upon hooks, that rip your insides into pieces of that previously cynical and hardened epitaph you had for music. The engrossed tensions, from the get go, remarkably draw you inside the catacombs of the lyrics, cylindrically pounding your senses with power chords and inviting your bulging new found enthusiasm, to expound and rebound, to gloriously new and outrageous love for this single.

Your eyes and ears glow with anticipation, as the unmistakably pop seduction of the start. From the manifesting gentle march of the drums, quickly turning its ambitions into the chorus. The chorus is an amalgamation of star-dust 70’s space-rock with the modern inclinations of 80’s neon-MTV pop. And with the perfect combination of such attitudes, you’re then coaxed into this hard-rock/metal chord progressive invigoration within the bridge.

The storm that is ‘Your Honey’ is the sweet and the tart that gains your respect as quickly as you did that serious heart attack you’re eagerly trying to avoid.

Said Rose: “’Your Honey’ is about a feeling of suffocation to the point of emptiness self-uncertainty. Not knowing your own identity without judgement..”

The gentle weeping of r&b/soul guitar strums and ballad intentions, the cycle is complete and with it ‘completely surprises and helps you fall in love, in the most dramatic fashion.

‘Your Honey’ has been one of their fan favorites.

Max, George, Cat, Katie, with of course Venezuelan born powerhouse, Rose, make up this fabulous project.

VALERAS will be playing festivals at All Points East, Mad Cool, Great Escape, Sound City, Novo Rock, Sziget, Kendall Calling, Siren Calling and Reading and Leeds.

Look out.



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