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Song Of The Day! Valley Queen Shares ‘Ride’. “Come To Me My Love…”

If there is an anthem that we at CHF need, VALLEY QUEEN’s ‘Ride’ would certainly be one of our picks. Why? Listen to it with your eyes closed. It takes you away, to that endless skies of the North West, somewhere living between your far off intuitions and self-righteous confidence in life. That grey area that we all dread, is ironed out, and give you the goosebumps of affection through this single.

Natalie Carol’s vocals is just magic. And with it over the band’s instrumental arrangements is a strong protest to self-hate of any kind, and downtrodden negativity.

The tinge of Americana added to the rock n’ roll painting is succulent and delicious, in all angles.

When this song plays, we feel ‘alive’.

When this song plays, we feel ‘love’.

When this song plays, we feel ‘content’ for the hardship to come within our lives.

We can take it. We can handle it.

“It can be really painful and isolating to go through something that doesn’t really look like anybody else’s experience but your own,” Carol says in reflecting on Supergiant’s intensity. “But ultimately that’s part of the beautiful orchestration of being alive—instead of trying to go around that experience, you need to go fully into it. I think that’s the only way to get a deeper understanding of who we really are.”

Word, gang. Word.

Debut album ‘Supergiant’ drops July 13th.

VALLEY QUEEN consists of: Natalie Carol, Neil Wogensen, Shawn Morones, and Mike DeLuccia.



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