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Song Of The Day! Vangelism ‘Christian DJ’ : Boy it sure has some godliness in those beats and hooks.


The debut Vangelism single ‘Christian DJ’ was written and recorded in 2 cars during quarantine lockdown. Mic and guitar cables running from the barely cracked windows of a Toyota Matrix and a Nissan Murano act as the conduit for angular post punky guitar lines and ranting gang vocals.

Recorded over 3 weeks in April 2020 in various parking lots, fields and dead ends, all in an effort to evade the watching eye of bylaw enforcement: “A song about growing up in a strict Christian home and the pieces of our youth and faith we drag kicking and screaming into adulthood.”

“God is always on the turntables.”

The Stranglers, DFA1979, Nashville Pussy and Electric Six are your starting point. Then you deviate into a scrum of destitute headiness, which you’d not asked for but is bound by the music heavens above. All in the fight to keep thing real and perspectives as fuzzy and grinding as can be.

Vangelism brings that ‘happiness’ to the cause, with heavy rock, entangled in street-pop serrated punk edge that calls you and beckons.

‘Christian DJ’ isn’t religion. But boy it sure has some godliness in those beats and hooks.


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