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Song Of The Day! Vania ‘Surrender’ : You need to get to know her better.


You need to get to know Vania better.

‘Surrender’ is all that is and will be for your heart. A soft and iridescent vocal plumage, relegates you into a shower of incandescent admiration. A pouring cadence of drizzling attitude, Vania’s apoplectic beauty of song and emotions, glance with a jutting sharpness that is both empathetic and mind-bindingly attractive.

The song is the first single for her artist project.

Vania is a New York City born and bred singer/ songwriter. And we can imagine her sitting endlessly at her desk in her bedroom, effervescent in stance, tackling her feelings and inspirations when they arise to the occasion.

“I wrote this song on a night when my thoughts wouldn’t let me sleep,” said Vania. “For me, it’s the best time to start writing because you’re too tired to second guess yourself and too tired to defend yourself. Let the words come, get them down, and then go back to sleep with a lighter heart.”

‘Surrender’ is, the surrender to your listening heart. The grand design of the song is very simple and very much Vania. But in an other worldly way and presence, it doesn’t sound like her first publication. It is a gorgeous and heart-string pulling dagger of a song.

You need to get to know it better.

Looking forward to more goodies from the artist with the angelic voice.

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It’s offfficial!! “Surrender” is out everywhere you listen to music 💙 Link in bio About Surrender: It’s a song about love It’s a song about longing It’s a song about needs/ wants It came from a place of desperation It’s an acknowledgment of my part in the deterioration of a relationship You won’t find me defending myself here. I wrote this at a time where I was too tired to do that. I wrote what I felt and I didn’t judge the words. and so surrender was born . . @elliotjacobson , without him I wouldn’t have had the confidence to continue my project. He helped me bring this to life. Co-producer, mentor, friend @miketuccillo , mixer extraordinaire detailed caring thoughtful @highcloudsmag for premiering my first baby and for the words . . This may be much, but those who have been here for a while know the ups and downs I’ve had with my music. All friends and family played a part in my continuing @illicitghost , I listen to her like nothing else, she was there through every tear every “I can’t do it”. She is Wonder Woman and inspires me every day to do more. My mom for everything?! taking this photo (and for patience love all) My wombmate @christa_adelaide for holy jeeez being the love of my life. Rooting me on And for everyone who’s here at the beginning of my journey. I’m so grateful 💙v

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