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Song Of The Day! VETLE FORSELL Shares ‘In Waiting’ Off Of Upcoming Album ‘Pictures In Frames’.

VETLE FORSELL is singer/songwriter from Norway. And zis single ‘In Waiting’ is glorious.

Song Of The Day!

Rapturous and timid, at the same time, the deepening curiosity depicted by Vetle’s voice, resonating off of the beautifully crafted lyrics of ‘In Waiting’ embarks our emotions on an unilateral journey – of wanton desires and unrequited reflections.

“In Waiting”, the first single from the album, invites the listener into a total breakdown. During a trip to Australia in the summer of 2010, I experienced my very first psychotic break. Having spent the entire span of my teens in constant insecurity, inadequacy and worrying, I finally got to the point where the dam burst; I lost control over reality, and slipped into a nightmarish state of fear and paranoia.”

Vetle continued: “When I started getting back to my senses, I found myself involuntarily hospitalized in a psychiatric institution, half a world away from home. Hope manifested in the knowledge that my father was making his way from the other side of the planet to get me back home. It is the sense of that unquenchable hope in a dark and desperate situation that “In Waiting” translates into words and music.”

The gender fluid / bisexual artist has a lot to say about zis path in zis world of worlds. The complex intersections in zis lyrics, bend the rules to a decadent level of enigmatic spices which turn the negative, into possibilities. Zis frustrations, confusions, anxieties and loss are chiseled in zis work, in part to share with the world, in part to heal and to forge forward.

Our mouths smiled as we first listened to Vetle’s songs, as they hit nerves of past memories and affection, we’d hidden in our own personal wills.

The Stavanger native, will be releasing zis debut album ‘Pictures In Frames’ on May 24th, 2019.

‘In Waiting’ is quite a piece of art, and we encourage you to experience its dark-shimmer for yourself.



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