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Song Of The Day! Vola Tila ‘All Alone’ : Poetic, stunning, beautiful.

Let the galaxy, seep inside.

Vola Tilas

When stars explode, with glimmer of color and unfathomable power, you’d like to have ‘All Alone’ by your side. The poetry that comes from the embers of its DNA, is quite stunning and beautiful. From the hearts and minds of duo producers Richard Andersson and Johannes Henrikson, their project, Vola Tila, brings every part of our listening being to peace, tranquility, and a summation of thoughts that accept where we are, while knowing where to go next.

And just like that exploding star, it casts the rays of energy – from this light year to the next – the song compels with unassuming consciousness an understated suffrage for the future. A travel of exquisite dynamics, ‘All Alone’ tells of tales that invoke sanctity and light.

The blend of pop and indie, a gorgeous enlightenment of sound and picturesque gardens, ‘All Alone’ is an artistic algorithm for our listening creativity. The drawing of guitar and programmed drums, delightfully ascend the taste for the glorious, as the alt-pop duo, guides you to a heavenly vestibule for contentment of self and surroundings.

Deliciously exuding the legendary vibes of The Smiths, Radiohead, and vibes of UK/Scandinavian emotions, Vola Tila, delivers with purity of sound and pop greatness.

‘All Alone’ is the first single from their upcoming album.

The single is all consuming, and as it hits with a disorienting vision of goodness and positivity. And as you look up at the sky, dreaming of that nostalgia, you head for the dream of surfing of the waves of that time and space. Both grand and grandiose we smile with open arms and absorbing all of what could be from those personal galactic winds.

Beautiful single, indeed.


Vola Tila


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