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Song Of The Day! WELFARE Shares Single ‘What I Know, I Know With You’, Off Of The ‘Useful Toil’ EP.

I rushed back to the house, when I received your message. I was out of breath, for I’d been running as fast as I could towards you. I couldn’t run fast enough. Entering the grand old and rusty gate of our lawn’s boundaries, I was nervous. Paused, I did, to catch my breath again, and straighten out my collar, my jacket, my thoughts. Oh, the thoughts just rushed in and about – in my head, catching me in a haze and maybe in a state of day dreaming.

Song of the Day!

My legs then started again walking towards our front door. Our little red colored door. The one we painted together. The time you accidentally spilled a drop of red paint on my left cheek.

We laughed.

We giggled.

We embraced.

Then we lovingly kissed, just like lovers do in the movies.

Our love knew no bounds.

Upstairs, in the bedroom you laid, with family and friends near.. crying. I cried, without a word. I couldn’t stop.

It was a Wednesday of this year, Spring, when you left me.

I miss you every day. I miss you so much, I want to die.

I die a little everyday…reminiscing about the love we had.

The love we still have for each other.

WELFARE is singer and songwriter Pat Whelan’s project, based in Welsh Marches, England.

‘What I Know, I Know With You’ (‘The Big Sulk’ EP, 2015) brings the emotive respite we sometimes need from the hustle-bustle of our daily lives, we’d created for ourselves. With gorgeous landscapes and beautiful lyrics, Whelan’s vocals (reminisce of Bread’s David Gates), melts your heart and melts your inhibitions- even if it’s just for a time.

‘Useful Toil’ EP is a retrospective collection of four songs from the first 4 WELFARE EPs. Available now.



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