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Song Of The Day! White Noise Cinema ‘Unpersons’ : Gripping tale of the ‘any-man or woman’, struggling to coincide.

Look for more in 2020.

White Noise Cinema / Photo: James Delin Creative

Gritty and exaltant, the derivatives of an existence – the questioning of the how of living – culminates in a vat of deteriorating-ly un-functional “why’s”. The ultimate summary of practicality, is a call to a savage none-sense of the things that makes us ‘divide’.

After honing their blend of electronica and guitar driven music in their live music connection with audiences, the Birmingham based 6-piece comes at us with ‘Unpersons’. A gripping tale of the ‘any-man or woman’, struggling to coincide in the folds of cultures and viabilities that – as societies – had developed for itself. A petulant piety of sorts, seeping into the guts of the many, where collapse of manic depressions and detriment, becomes normal and devout.

In ‘Unpersons’, dark tales are told with gainful gray, as the band’s fanning alt-rock accuracy, deliver with gumption and vibrant Brit-rock amble.

“‘Unpersons’ is a song that started as a simple bass riff. It kind of built organically over the course of a year,” said Benjamin Hiorns. “A lot of sending ideas back and forth, a lot of trial and error blending electronic, acoustic and rock elements.”

And Jim Atkins added: “From a writing perspective there are quite a lot of unusual elements in the song that are built like layers over a short bass riff… When we finished writing the song, we worked with local producer Gavin Monoghan to record it at Magic Garden Studios. It took one pretty intensive day to record, followed by a day of mixing at the studio.”

“Like all of our songs,” continued Benjamin, “you can find your own meaning in the lyrics, but generally speaking it’s about the idea that the world is moving into a direction where we’re retreating into our own separate corners. Nationalism is beating out globalism and I think that’s a terrifying prospect.”


The music video was directed by the band’s good friend, James Delin, and its presentation is very much critical to adding another level of ambience and aura to the already textural cadance of the song. The morass of daily inhibitions, tattle tale annoyance, and globally sufficient demagoguery, are pillars in this video and depicted to subtle delight.

A dark flavor taste test that work, to perfection.

The band consists of talents: Ben Allen, Will Allman, James Atkins, Scott Ewins, Benjamin Hiorns, and Tom Paine.

Look for more as 2020 rolls on.



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