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Song Of The Day! Whose Rules ‘Moth Meme feat. Selmer’ : Singular hooks, loving embraces, ear worm frivolity.

Whose Rules

Whose Rules is here. And this time, with the newest singles that fulfill his self titled 6 song EP, the artist from Norway is armed and dangerous.

To your musical status quo, that is.

With wistful lyrical germination, Whose Rules brings decadence and beauty throughout the experience.

‘Moth Meme’ is an independence of the norm, but with its familiarity, it sings with the utmost injection of cosmic goodness. Whose Rules’ lovely vocals, unique and distinct, helps you dance your way into the heart of the matter.

Singular hooks, loving embraces, ear worm frivolity – conjoin in that funky and poppy goodness you’d needed today.

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Be on the lookout for my new EP this friday 🍂🍁🔭

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