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Song Of The Day! WSPRGRL ‘Higher’ : It’s love in the most contextual and meaningful.


Mind is blown apart when WSPRGRL’s single ‘Higher’ bubbles into your consciousness and deals a fatal blow. The gushing of your veins, flow red and pink, as your uncontrollable appetite for something ‘more’ comes true with this single. The combination of galactic psyche visuals of ‘Higher’, delivers with palpable energies and visceral connections.

Cara Potiker is the artist behind this runway decadence, and the song just kicks butt in all of its corners.

“I’ve always hidden behind something. Growing up, I didn’t feel I was able to show a sense of personal expression,” Cara confessed. “It’s been rewarding to create my own vision, and have my music as an outlet to process a lot of my struggles.”

Beautifully cultivated and manicured for a sonic indulgence; the best in attitudes that of Culture Club and Dead Or Alive are faithfully explored in the vibrance of Cara’s own. The characteristically ominous and vexingly attractive vocals of Cara, exclaims out-of-this-world glamor.

It’s love in the most contextual and meaningful.

We want more from WSPRGRL. You should too.

‘Higher’ was produced with Cara, along with Patrick Heaney. The gorgeous video was fully done by Dan Huiting, on the islands of Hawaii.


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