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Song Of The Day! WULF Shares ‘Moving On’. “Carrying out its incentive to delight and calm.”

WULF shares with us their latest single ‘Moving On’. Produced by James Kenosha, the single is a different glimmer into the artistic poignancy of the band. The classic rock progressions, with that delicious build up to the chorus, the single is a dagger of honesty into the heart.

Following their debut 2015 EP, the band has done much writing, living, taking care of relationships, managing breakups, rehab. And when life is a bit hectic and seemingly wild with too many moving parts, it feels good to come back to the things that make you whole again – friends, band, your gang.

Josh Bowyer sets the tone for the band, and in ‘Moving On’, the Beatles vibe is purposefully embedded, carrying out its incentive to delight and calm our often frayed nerves. With a rhythmic and fun march, the single interrogates the negatives in our lives, with the gumption of a determined tiger, awaiting for that neutral ground, so the worries are set aside. And within that time frame, we can catch our breaths, re-centered.

Sean O’Neill, and drummer Jimmy G. joins Josh again to make this single and the upcoming album happen.

Close your eyes and just enjoy the solvent constance of the tides. Enjoy this single from WULF.



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