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Song Of The Day! Xul Zolar Shares ‘Nightfalls’. “Beautiful acolyte.”

Cologne Germany based XUL ZOLAR comes bearing gifts in dark musical beauty in title track ‘Nightfalls’ off of their upcoming new EP.

Vocalist Ronald Röttel explained: “The original idea for the song is pretty old. It started with thoughts about sleeping problems and the atmosphere of nighttime in general, which came immediately with the chorus-melody. Then I showed it to the band and in the process of working on it together, it became something very different. More energetic, almost reggae-ish and less melancholic. The original demo actually sounded more like a low-fi industrial track than like a typical XZ song.“

The veteran outfit (formed in 2011) creates captivating sounds with that insurmountable and unteachable vibe of angst and ‘naivite’ that describes the listener at heart. That can only mean that the songs that they’d created hits home and are majestically poignant, relatable, and dang good.

Humans are weak. Humans are strong. All depending on the circumstance. We sometimes choose to be naive. We sometimes choose to be pointed. No matter what is and ought to be, we desire the same basic elements from life: love, inspiration, passion.

Founded originally by singer Ronald Röttel and guitar player/keyboardist Marin Geier, the band from the start had coordinated effectively their sense of indie-rock with groove and tinge of synth-disco, staying at a darker state of new-wave, never forgetting to be conscious and diabolically strident in their works.

‘Nightfalls’, a followup to ‘Perfume’, is a beautiful acolyte to their already impressive discography. The innovative invitation to music is inherent in their bodies of work, never seeming to wilt in the inevitable beckoning to trends.

See Ronald Röttel, Marin Geier, Dennis Hofmann, and Dennis Enyan @ Bumann & Sohn in Cologne on September 25th w/ Köln.

Don’t let it go dark.



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