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Song Of The Day! Y.LOH ‘Desvelada’ : Downtempo, minimal, and house magisteria.


Y.LOH is about downtempo, minimal, and house magisteria. A delectable touch of golden films of calm and beauty, delicately and non-obtrusively bubble from the annals of history – the personal history. You and our intimidations for the future, is shattered inside the protective shield of ‘Develada’.

The song is a dream Y.LOH had about a space-ghost jellyfish floating in the desert. And within this dream, he pictured neon ghosts floating around blazing beats. Drawing inspiration and identity from natural environments, he especially connects with his hometown, the edgy and beautiful Sonoran Desert, Mexico.

His music style emanates a blend of eclectic Latin rhythms and classical motifs which are reminiscent of his growth as a creator. He moved to NYC in search of more adventure and musical discovery.

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“Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea”

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Dropping audiovisual project “San Carlos” this Friday.

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