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Song Of The Day! YATES ‘Black Acid’ : Congeals into this morphing decadence that is hard to resist.


New South Wales, Australia originating, Berlin Germany based artist YATES helps you succumb to the beats of his darkness. And oh how dark and juicy that is.

The project is par of Benjamin Jacob Yates’ axiomatic interpretation for why and how the universal gears of forbiddance and revelry would work. Pitted against the ceramic wall of digital sounds, ‘Black Acid’ congeals into this morphing decadence that is hard to resist.

YATES offer a distinct pop music experience. One that is both evocative and deliberate; continually re-inventing and maintaining a unique style and sound of his own. YATES’ dance music minimalism gives a newfound sense of texture to his previously chosen soulful pop music.

YATES has collaborated with the likes of Booka Shade, Monkey Safari, Nina Jirachi, Kilter, Love Thy Brother, Running Touch, Plastic Plates and Julian Wassermann.


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