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Song Of The Day! Young Knives ‘Sheep Tick’ : Grand return. Grand adventure. Depth of art.

Young Knives

Young Knives will release their first full album in 7 years, ‘Barbarians’, later this year. And it’s going to be a celebration.

The band consists of uber talented brothers Henry Dartnall and The House of Lords. And in their their new album – following 2013’s acclaimed ‘Sick Octave’ – ‘Barbarians’ is a leap into both sonic and thematic experimentation by a band who loves to confuse and entertain in all the right ways.

Henry said of the song which was inspired by philosopher John Gray’s 2002 book ‘Straw Dogs’ (which asks questions of where human cruelty comes from. With all of humanity’s progress in science and knowledge, we still haven’t been able to get past causing hurt and harm to others): “As with every Young Knives album, me and House always need a good reason to make it. We often start with some high concept that we feel passionate about and use it like a framework to build lyrics and motifs around. As confirmed but self-aware nihilistic miserabilists we often have to dig our way out of a spiralling bleak world view that would make for a super depressing listen. This album is no different. But I think that’s the point of the records we make: how can we turn the worse aspects of humanity into something really fucking entertaining? Obviously there was a lot going on around the world at the time we were writing the record, with the rise of the alt-right and politics designed to divide us. All this fed into a sense that humans are always going to have this battle between our collective existence and the existence of the individual, some days we give and some days we take.”

“I read Straw Dogs after having put it off for years because of the hype,” continued Henry. “It’s something you can’t un-read. Its key point is that no matter what scientific progress we have made, what advances we have made in our understanding of how the universe works, we have not become better humans, we are no less barbaric. I just thought that it was such an undeniable point; we are obsessed with self and social improvement, but we don’t get any better as human beings. What if cruelty to others is just part of who we are? How do we live with that?”

The futurist purity; prog-rock garage affair seeps into every part of your frame of mind as the duo makes their lyrically adept attempts as clarity. A profound attention to the significance of the art, the single makes what assumptions the band makes such a classic addition to the Universality of the musical world.

In their return and in their first anchor single, ‘Sheep Tick’ is as in depth and morose in the best traditions of a rock, as the intense rock chords are mixed with the unadulterated avarice containment of the vocal tune and effect. Resulting in this dark and impinging feeling of grating exaltation is dowsed into view.

‘Sheep Tick’ is a grand return.

A grand adventure.

It’s the dive into art, in the most salacious.

Exclaimed Henry: “Everyone should have a manifesto. This is ours. It’s pretentious as hell, as it should be. But every creative person needs a guiding principle and this manifesto is a reminder not to believe in our own myths or the myths others believe about us.”


See them next in London Friday September 25th 2020 at Colours.


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