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Song Of The Day! ZIMBRU ‘The Ground’ : Synth and vibrance; groove of another era, clashing with the inquisitive future.


Synth and vibrance; groove of another era, clashing with the inquisitive future – a blending of colors and sight of peculiar intentions, dive into form and out of glimpses with ZIMBRU.

Zimbru’s new single explores the story of rupture between humanity and the natural world and imagines nature redeeming its place by overrunning and swallowing a symbolic exploiter into the ground – together with the system of beliefs and consumption that led us where we are.

The song is a call to “kinship with the life around us and a celebration of the ground as a life giving & life supporting system” all wrapped up in an unforgettable psych-pop track.

Disco-punk band from Cluj-Napoca, Romania (comprised of Teodora Retegan, Paul Bucovesan, Andrei Bobiș and Oana Pop) culminates into a pond of excommunications in norms by chilling the soulless and inviting the hopeful. It’s a band you will want to dance with: urgent, future-thinking (if the future allows it), self-aware at times, at others drenched in too much romanticism.

‘The Ground’ escapes, while encapsulates with beautiful vocals, haunting and delighting – charming and devouring.


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