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Song Of The Day! Tummyache Shares ‘Median’. “Glamorous indeed. Hope for all.”

Soren Bryce is TUMMYACHE and her project is glamorous. You see, being ‘glamorous’ can mean many things. In this context, the project and this particular single ‘Median’ is an offer of personality, beauty, and exhilaration that combine to give it that glamorous and gravitational pull.

The alt-rock project is Soren’s method to her ‘madness’, as she describes her experiences and palpitations, with lyrical visions that climb aboard into your listening state with unfettered and refreshing directness.

Soren’s been releasing works under her own name for 6 years, but as artists do often, she wanted another funnel for her new set of emotions to be rightfully expressed.

The Brooklyn based artist is aggressive in her lyrics, and razor sharp in aesthetics, in ‘Median’, as she explores methods of communication between lovers, inner demons, and unbridled chaos of the life that we could and sometimes live.

Soren’s a hurricane ready to romp. Her song’s are as diverse and focused as ever, as she traverses further – deeper – into that unknown.

Her tool is music and the Texas originating teller of tales, keeps it real and very, very entertaining.

Our kind of glamorous, indeed.



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