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15-BY-15-BY-15: Songs You Must Listen To Now. “Press That Play Button. Do It.”

There are songs, and there are songs. There are artists, then there are artists. We love everyone of them, from there passion, stories, and the way they tell their stories.

If there’s ‘Netflix binge watching’, then sometimes (we have to admit) there’s ‘binge listening’. It’s like having a mound of new wrapped presents, and you want to tear through them all.

Let’s get to it.


Jealousy isn’t what SHARKEY’S about. He doesn’t want you to be, either. And in his single ‘Bad Shirt’, his exploration into the depths of the ‘greener’ pastures other people (family, friends) are seeking out, is a testament to what we do, as human beings do every day. Self-evaluation, charting, ranking. It’s natural. But what’s not natural is awesome music coming out of that dimension of sight and mind, that we tell ourselves that it’s against all ‘social norms’. Let it out. Shout it out. Then let’s move on. Let’s improve.

THE MOLOCHS – ‘Too Lost In Love’

This band falls in that wide gray area of psychedelic-pop-rock and some form of ‘Brit-pop’.
LA band The Molochs fall somewhere between ’60s pyschedelia and early-’90s baggy Madchester/Britpop. ‘Too Lost In Love’ is a single off of the upcoming LP ‘Flowers in the Spring’ on September 6th, and it through the drizzling and dazzling shoegaze traverse of thoughts and instances, it meanders to one side of the focus in plain – the confusion of love, that fog in which we so love to dance. It’s a ‘fact of life’ but we all do it.

HAVVK – ‘Glass’

This single commemorates the re-branding of the band, which started in 2014. ‘Glass’ was originally written in 2015, regarding the Irish Marriage Equality Referendum. Tackling the themes of ‘conflict and resolution’, the single has been re-mastered, creating a different take tot he original publication. Julie Hawk’s vocals are, however, are as interesting and soaring as it has ever been.

SIMON D JAMES – ‘Take Your Time’

‘Take your time’ is from Simon D James’s debut EP ‘Songs from a Dream Long Forgotten’. And this single’s point of being poignant and emotive for that memory of a love lost, and the healing that needs to start, stop, start, complete. Like a wound of deep knife cuts, it hurts you. But you won’t die. From this video and single, there has to be a message of acceptance of the situation; a place of sanctuary must be constructed. Time can heal. Hope so.

HEADSPACER – ‘Burnt Out’

“Don’t think about me. I’m finished.” This is the opposite of what HEADSPACER is stating in this little succinct punk diddy. “Don’t want to continue with this allergy called life” – that maybe the message. And ‘F*ck you’ would be the other message. And we dig that it’s a layer of ideas that meld well into that day when we ‘just don’t care, for a moment’. Then we care again. Because, you know, it’s life which we must manage. Let’s all take a deep breath.


With the weeping vocals of VOX SOMNIA, it is at your peril to cross that precipice of time and inklings in thought. Rationality breaks down when love isn’t reflected back from the pond of shimmering breaks. Yearning, longing, and the passage of time – is all that you want. All of time, molded in the palm of the dream of you. ‘Swan’ is off of ‘The Broken Light’ EP.


Lonesome as the night, your muddled voice, carries nowhere, in that darkness of the dark. You hold out your hand, but I’m not there to hold it, caress it. “Where are you now?” GIRAFFIC APARTMENT’s sparse video presentation of ‘Waiting’ is very much appropriate in the mood of a lonely moment. “Will you wait for me? I”m not sure you will. But I will continue.” This single ‘Waiting’ is off of the latest album ‘´Thump!’

CLARA JOY – ‘Walking in the Rain’

‘Do you remember me’ is CLARA JOY’s latest album, and just like this single ‘Walking In The Rain’, she lays out a compelling proposal in the mysteries of the heart, and our actions that we think about (and maybe execute). The deeply introspective aspect of ‘Walking In The Rain’ is what we love at CHF, for the simple rendition with the rawness from the vocals and bare guitars, mandate our attention for Clara’s original and honest look at aspects of life. It’s good stuff.

PAUL BERGMANN – ‘Death of Me’

He picked up the flashlight and walked down the corridor that he’d built up through his years on this Earth. The sadness he’d felt was all emcompassing. It consumed him day and night. Was there a reason to life? He asked that of himself, everyday, every hour. “I need you. Where are you?” ‘Death Of Me’ is a beautiful single from the melancholic dispositions of Paul Bergmann, an this indie-folk ballad drives you to love – more, and more. Contrast? Yes. Listen. Paul’s working on a full length album these days and we can’t wait.


Floating on that cloud of lies, you made me feel special. The comfort of your breath on my neck, seduced me and profoundly made me want you, like I’d never before. But we were on that fog. A fog of malign aspects in lost-arts, lost treasures, and lost mis-givings. “Where do we go from here?” LaFrancis Vibes producer/artist from the Rocket City (Huntsville) of North Alabama. Let the ‘feel’ consume you.

THE COME ON – ‘Black and White TV (Redux)’

“She-bop”…Sam Barron and crew are fun. They take music – serious construction – of music, and turn it into their brand of entertainment, which we at CHF really enjoyed. Take a look at this video, it’s a return to their single ‘Black And White TV’ and we say it’s a great ol’ time to witness. Sam’s fab on guitar. Listen to the short but poignant solo. Less is more in this case.

WYVES – ‘Mar-a-Lago’

Donald Trump and the ‘Trump’ administration brings out the ‘worst’ and ‘best’ in people. We’ve witness this throughout the past 2 years. In the musical sense, it is time for some sarcasm, sprinkled with irony and dose of warnings. Because of the president’s antics Mar-a-Lago (the President’s Florida luxury golf club) has become an identifier for some negativity. In the single ‘Mar-a-Lago’, the WYVES wanted to be Trump for a day. Empathy was the target of the day. But that’s not it’s like in this current political and social climate. Their New Full Length Album ‘R U OK?’ drops September 28th.

ADAM ARCURAGI – ‘Low Parade Rain’

‘Low Parade Rain’ is from an as of yet unpublished, upcoming album from Adam. But from all indications, just like this single, we’d expect a folk induced extravaganza, which all of us can enjoy. Don’t know too much about Adam but looking forward to his narrations through his songs. That’s always exciting.

DRINKER – ‘Fragment II’

‘Fragment II’ is written, produced, and recorded by Drinker, Aaron Mendelsohn, and Ariel Loh. The countless stars built for the one soul on Earth. Your Universe, of expositions and tell-tale-heart. Longing, and honest, blaring with heartaches of self-induced maelstroms. Run to me. Run to her. Run away from the malevolence.


What a charming single. You can’t help be smiling, coming at the precipice of a full blown ‘happiness’. Why not. You deserve it. “Before You Get Home, Before I Do”. Promises, and love, for each other – the love for the life of a team. You and I, forever. Close your eyes and listen to this and relax. It can be you.


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