Sonia Stein Declares That It’s Alright In Single ‘Party’. “We will survive.”

Emily Scarlett Romain

Singer/songwriter SONIA STEIN makes breaking up in a relationship, a glorious event to witness. Through her songs, we are indulged to a beautifully laid out pop offering, with gorgeous soundscapes, dazzling vocals, and a story that is familiar yet so comforting.

‘Party’ comes produced by Ben Jones (Kelly Rowland, Tinie Tempah, Mary J Blige), and it tells of a personal story about a guy she was seeing, ‘unceremoniously’ cutting her off suddenly.

Sonia explained: “‘Party is about wanting an explanation, wondering why someone would make such a big deal of something and let it go without feeling the need to say goodbye or explain. I was dealing with the humiliation and shock of having the rug pulled from under me and was imagining a metaphorical party I would host to commemorate what I thought was a memorable experience that I didn’t feel was honoured.”

The 80’s nostalgia is dripping-ly fun in this single as the train car of love, passes by in our lives without a care, and without pause. The stunning lesson which Sonia inhabits to this day.

Always a small scar lives within each of our hearts, as relationships become no more.

The music video, directed by Aaron Bevan-Bailey, and was inspired by the lyric “let’s have a slow dance, like we did on the tube.” The train symbolizes the passing time, as it rolls backwards through the mind of the inflicted, trying to make sense of it all.

No revenge, no diabolical plans – just a way of an individual, disappointed, confused – trying to get on with it.

Sonia’s vibrant (even in a melancholic ballad) vocals take center stage and it never lets go.



Emily Scarlett Romain


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