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Sonny Santos // Nora Rothman // Sad Mermaid // Paddy James // Kane Miller

Sonny Santos and Billie Marten – swear 2 g-d

‘swear 2 g-d’ is the first single off of upcoming album ‘Hotel de Londres’ by SONNY SANTOS. A duet with UK singer/songwriter BILLIE MARTEN, the song is a sultry breeze of notions floating through a lover’s mind and heart, in some dimension of hope and progress. The understated lyrics shine with this single, as they are supported by the two, sumptuous vocals of male and female – conducting in truth in secluded secrets – wanting to explode, but never will. London based SONNY SANTOS brings his utmost within this atrium of sounds and visions. The choreography is astounding and beautiful to witness, indeed.

Nora Rothman – strange

NORA ROTHMAN is the virtuoso singer/songwriter of balanced thought, immutable excellence, and profound talent. The artist from Los Angeles sings like an exotic bird of another dimension. As you can witness in her music video for ‘Strange’, the songstress brings bold ambitions to each and every word, with equal detail to minucia and attention to macro contemplations. Off of her upcoming EP ‘Nothing New’ (July 12th), Nora accepts our visions for difference and asks us to embrace our fears and ignorance. Like her activism and advocacies, she is for the equality of individuals, demanding nothing but for self reliance and humanistic empathy towards others – a boundary that she has been championing for a long time. ‘Nothing New’ is her 2nd Ep and is the first off of the female run record label Unspeakable Records.

Sad Mermaid – Haven’t Seen This Coming

Katharina Burchin is behind the aesthetically opulent project SAD MERMAID. ‘Haven’t Seen This Coming’ is her music of drastic malaise, and engrossing radicalism – all tempered by the rhythms of nature in your heart. Katharina said of the music video: “I liked to work within the spheres of art history and genre mixture. The film maker Polypons and I decided to incorporate the theme of the “Romantic” art, nature / culture and the new female wanderer (as opposed to the traditional male painter = wanderer in 19th century). Shot in Saxonian Swiss, which is also the subject of romantic paintings by e.g. C.D. Friedrich, and in between the columns of the Berliner Museumsinsel, this video serves as an hommage to the arts and culture’s heritage we are constantly surrounded by.” Word Katharina. Word. Too heavy for a song’s inspiration? Get off your couch. And get into SAD MERMAID.

Paddy James – Tell Me I’m Wrong

Said PADDY JAMES: “The song is a tale of my distaste for a fictional uneducated military recruit who has signed on for all the wrong reasons (ie killing people). Whilst on tour after numerous wrongdoing, karma catches up to him and his leg is blown off in Kobane, Syria. He is branded a hero on return home however I disagree with this phenomenon that military personnel are heroes. We all make our own choices and killing is not ok.” Paddy describes his body of works as: “recounting the mischief and melancholy of everyday life.” So right. In ‘Tell Me I’m Wrong’ he brings the fun with bouncy guitars and rhythmic dancey vibes. And at the same time, he works at understanding the complexities of life in our little world. Why do we do, what we do? It’s as mysterious as us humans are prevalent. But don’t fret. In this big bad world, at least there is music by artists like Paddy. Life is a bit better with Paddy, don’t you think?

Kane Miller – Sleeping Sea

Lakefield, Ontario artist KANE MILLER comes at us with ‘Sleeping Sea’. “Sleeping Sea is the first of my singles from the LV Cabin Sessions,” said Kane. “I, along with Femke, Micah Dalton, Matthew Singler and Josh Reynolds headed to a cabin in a remote part of Tennessee and set out to write and record two songs each day. We lived and breathed music for 3 days. Completely void from cell service and internet, we wrote what we felt and spent long nights recording in the living room of the cabin. It was an amazing musical experience and I had such an incredible time working with each of these amazing musicians!” This delightful addition to your existence is part of LV record’s “Cabin Sessions” 6 song compilation.


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