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Sons of Bill Shares New Single ‘Believer / Pretender’, Off Of Upcoming Album ‘Oh God Ma’am’.

On June 29th, Sons of Bill will drop this really exciting set of songs packaged under the new album ‘Oh God Ma’am’. And the latest released single ‘Believer / Pretender’ is just as moving and poignant as anything can be. The combination of James’ vocals and harmonies pushes the heart’s emotional limitations. We want to fall in love. We think you want to fall in love, as well, after your first listen.

We had shivers when we first listened to Bear’s Den’s ‘Agape’. And here with Sons Of Bill’s ‘Believer / Pretender’ did so as well. The tunes are not the same or in the same realm, however, the feelings we felt and the reactions of our body’s souls were the same.

With overwhelming throw of our minds and memories, back when it was the summer of a past, long gone. The love of our lives had been together, holding hands, experiencing our personal intentions.

The delicate production of the single emits what we love about this ‘space’ of music. The random but ultimately, Universal feelings of neglect and then, future salvations, spout out drops of redemptions owed – to our selves and to our own callings. When the notes of what ‘can be’ collides with ‘what will be’, it’s the best of all worlds.

And we think the gang in Sons Of Bill has something very special, indeed.

They’re rep’ed by Loose Music and Gray Fox Records.

Buy [HERE], or [HERE]



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