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Sons Of Luther – No Pain

Numb and punk-rock is what comes together in a blissful commotion. Fun? That also comes with the territory. SONS OF LUTHER is that exact focus and maybe the event horizon to that netherworld where stresses fall off. Made up of Wren William Werner, John Bohn, Bradley Steven, and Jeff Schaller, the upstate New York (Attica near Buffalo) band throws tight riffs, rock n’ roll hips, and all of the cliches and makes them REAL. You want a dynamic good ol’ time? SOL makes it happen. You want to dance the night away letting the week’s worries subside? SOL has your back. You want to party, just for party sake?? SOL hits the spot.

SISTERS – We Can Get Together

Seattle duo SISTERS share ‘We Can Get Together’. Featuring Tilson XOXO, the title track is a remix Ep with multiple of producers. Emily Westman and Andrew Vait are the duo behind the project and the EP has the remix of their sophomore LP’s songs ‘Wait Don’t Wait’. This latest of the bunch, keeps the embodiment of the message, and pushes the ball forward in the similar pop-art style of mainstream construction that we come to appreciate from the duo.

girl in red – bad idea!

Norwegian fabulousness, girl in red, comes with this single ‘bad idea!’ and it’s a banger. The slack-dusted guitar emblem of a story about a night in passion turning out to be a mess, is an effervescent cause for celebration in songwriting. Off of the latest EP we get the sense that she’s on a mission to dissect that part of what bothered her regarding a girl, a partner, and that night’s follies. Ups and downs, within a relationships of hits and misses, culminate into an oddly danceable shimmer through this single. But passions are passions, and when that switch is turned on, there’s no stopping the overflow of irrationalities. Consequences be damned, eh?

Coral Gables – Glass Chamber

Off of their debut EP ‘Roman Buildings’ (out now), CORAL GABLES, stretches out their synth driven new-wave harmonies with single ‘Glass Chamber’. The catchy and quirky song with saxophone and nu-disco beats, is tailor made for that oddity in you. You know, that part of you that is silent through most of your living days. A part of you that wants to reveal itself, but is afraid to be judged in the pallet framed by modern societal mores. The song is a list of contradiction, where uplifting prophecies of positivity exude through the light of the song, but is directly resisted by the serious thought provoking vision of overcoming addition. The song serves up a curve ball, and that was the plan all along. Kudos, indeed.

Fine. – Summernighttalks

Sometimes, thoughts just flow out as naturally as using your eyes. No particular decision in witness or amplifying, a quiet time alone, can dream up the cast of colors you never thought you wanted. But now, you are here, in the semi-darkness of your virtual thoughts and the room’s reality of the light-less. And you think, then prod, then think, then poke – the meandering ellipses of your thoughts make you dizzy. With hope? Maybe. With salutation at the leisure? Maybe. A quandary of absent feelings flowing like the mighty Mississippi, all in a comfortable chair, a room of stillness, and a mind of unreasonable lush worries. Summertime vibes of Fine. digs at the subtleties of one aspect and one fraction of life. ‘Summernighttalks’ reconciliates nothing, but everything. Be still. Watch your smile return. The 20 year old German pop radical, does it right.


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