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Sophie Coran // Jett Kwong // Olive B // R3DLTTR // AVBE

Sophie Coran – Saltwater

SOPHIE CORAN’s single ‘Saltwater’ is an extravaganza of notes and fantastical story telling. The Philadelphia based artist was inspired for ‘Saltwater’ from the transformative actions from childhood to adulthood. Organic, sophisticated, nostalgic – all that describes the antics of ‘Saltwater’ and its premise, delivers with crystal clarity through Sophie’s valiant and descriptive vocals. Sophie said: “I wrote this song last summer, shortly after a trip to the beach. I was struck with how the beach reminded me so much of my childhood, where many happy memories of summers spent with family exist. I started thinking about how poignant it feels to grow up, and how sometimes I feel like I’m drowning, while other days, I’m swimming.”

Jett Kwong – Cream

We’d called her “Haunting, remise, exploratory, painfully exquisite..” in a past Song Of The Day post for her single ‘Away’. We also stated that she was “Wrapped in that casing of astuteness, is Jett’s voluptuous voice that can take you to the edge of the event horizon…Her voice carries the words, in a virtual color works of delight and airy substantiveness.” With ‘Cream’, Jett continues to dig deeper into her romantic side. “I was inspired by the realization that we all, including myself, fall prey to the romanticization of history, and the exoticism of Asia and Asian people. This to me is a legacy of colonialism, and that lens is particularly interesting when I apply them to my own family’s stories of surviving war, flourishing in post WWII Hong Kong, and immigrating to the US.” With purposeful rhythms, injected with the Chinese vibes, all of the song comes together into a point of contention and evocative regeneration of memories that existed and progressed. The frame of this beautiful single is guided by Jett’s vocals. A constance of pleasure that never ceases to impress.

Olive B – With Or Without You

Classically trained OLIVE B is one of Toronto’s exciting voices of music and pop. Often adding ‘noir’ aspects of the realities of relationships and love, her pop singles bring the textures that keeps you grounded, while romance of it all never loses the shine of prospects and possibilities. ‘With Or Without You’ deepens this aspect of OLIVE B’s offerings, as it solidifies more and more her talents and sensibilities for musical communication. OLIVE B is inspired by many, including Sade, SZA, and Erykah Badu. Tantric and rhythms from the underworld, the appeal for emotions un-fettered, comes to life as OLIVE B’s hypnotic vocal tensions tackle your strengths and let them crumble in agony for the love who’d gotten away. The haunting longing is draped in her voice, shading each word of passion, making each one as deliciously ironic and undeniable as the next.

R3DLTTR – Unstoppable

Oddly brooding, Philadelphia’s R3DLTTR brings catchy synth hooks and melodic pop melodies into this delectable offering named ‘Unstoppable’. Simple, it seems, but the story behind this trap beat laced single, catches your heart of what music entails and never lets go. And even better, long lost cousins, Justin Geller and Kierceton Keller reconnected and the journey of their common musical ambitions began. Two different worlds and experiences make up a chunk of what they individually represent. But maybe it’s that distinct and varied backgrounds, add to this visceral and underlying gumption that seems to be in their single. It’s subtle, but it adds that extra bit of beauty and expanse that is nice to hear.

AVBE – New Spring

AVBE (pronounced « ob ») stated: “Nature and immensities are at the center of the track’s inspiration.” Singer/songwriter producer/guitarist comes at a fresh take on presenting paintings of life, and examines each brush stroke with unintended consequences to a dedication to truths. An exercise of meaning and for the meaningful, AVBE, invites you to each and every journey – chapters and verses – tracked to invigorate and energize your senses. Mix of visions as reminiscent of Aquillo, the alt-pop offering of ‘New Spring’ resists contempt for the new, and with a redeeming-ly melancholic positivity flourishes from note to note. AVBE added that he “focuses on the search for a new season, a new beginning. Filled with loneliness and the wait for one another, he sprints towards better times.”


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