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Sophie Lewis Shares ‘One Step Closer’.

SOPHIE LEWIS’ single ‘One Step Closer’ is the epitome of constructive positivity. It’s the description of what’s ahead for the protagonist. It’s the excitement of working towards the one thing that made life additionally sweet. And it’s that dream of realizing the actual ‘prize’ installed, which you’d never thought possible before.

Sophie’s vocals are perfect for this kind of message, for the ‘innocent effervescence’ needs to be clearly communicated in a song like this. And we think this is accomplished in spades with this single.

Just can’t help but the song helping us become ‘cheerleaders’ for Sophie. The song makes us happy but not overly zealous. The song makes our lips curl upwards (e.g. smiling) just to the cusp of enthusiasm overkill.

But if you did, we wouldn’t hold it against ya.

Her style is brimming with honesty, and we think we’ll see more and more as the days go by.

Sohpie’s a young musician from Warwickshire (England) and she’s just started her journey with the debut of her EP (which is available now).




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