sophie meiers ‘better for you’ : Underneath it all… you get the most gentle and angsty indie-pop beauty you’d ever heard.

sophie meiers

sophie meiers wears her gothic Lolita aesthetic like armor. And it might challenge your normal notions of what your music should be. But if you get past that. The deliberate razor of the costume and anthem, you get the most gentle and angsty indie-pop beauty you’d ever heard. ‘better for you’ is that notion of beauty, and when you close your eyes, and breathe in the full majesty of the single, you know you can relate.

Hailing from the mountain town of Durango, Colorado she became obsessed with music at a very young age, which was propelled by the myriad of resources that the internet holds.

After escaping a toxic home environment at 14, paving her way through creative ingenuity the 20-year-old singer, songwriter, visual artist, and producer emerged from the online SoundCloud community creating genre-spanning songs.

There’s much to be unfurled when sophie speaks and sings. A soul, bleak in what the world can afford her, the resourceful young woman, pushes back and tells the big bad world that “she’s no one it can demean or dismiss”.

sophie’s here. She’s going to make this world… her own.


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