Sophie Sutton ‘Word Wars’ : Soulful vibes mixed with toe tapping, catchy pop-folk.

Sophie Sutton

Originating from the coast of south-west England, Welsh-born singer-songwriter, Sophie Sutton composes her songs in such a way that blends heartfelt, soulful vibes mixed with toe tapping, catchy pop-folk.

“I wrote this song about a dear friend of mine,” said Sophie. “We were living together at the time but discovered that being in such close quarters brought us to bicker quite a lot. We’d always argue in rather childish ways over minuscule issues. Writing this tongue-in-cheek and fun-sounding pop song was a way for me to make sense of the quarrels, as well as serving as a token of my respect for this special friendship.”

Drawing inspiration from artists as diverse as Lily Allen to Lianne La Havas, Sutton effortlessly teams a keen ear for hooks with sophisticated jazz-pop guitar stylings. Armed with an immediately recognizable voice that’s both technically accomplished and charming, her lyrics are often witty yet cutting snapshots of life in the real world.

Beautiful expressions, vail the contentious longings of a heart in mourning. A delightful, upbeat promise for better things for a relationship gone, it’s a tribute to what we all can feel and relate.


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