Sophisticated Dingo ‘What Is Going On?’ : Scowling magnetism to the vocals, and tinged in manic harmonies.

Sophisticated Dingo / Phoo: Timothy Clark

Childhood best mates Sophisticated Dingo brings down-to-earth honesty about them. With scowling magnetism to the vocals, and tinged in manic harmonies, the duo from Australia, casts memorable undertakings and angsty complexity to new levels.

“’What Is Going On?’ is about self-empowerment,” explained guitarist and vocalist Lewis Matte. “It centres around the realisation that another person’s questions and attacks on you as to why you behave or don’t behave a certain way can be used to cover their own insecurities.”

“I hope everyone can absorb the world around them, but be mindful to take a step back and reflect on the choices they are making. Hopefully they are true to what they want to work towards, and not merely a reflection of someone else’s control.”

With drummer Jimmy Medley completing the project, look for the new upcoming EP ‘‘How’s The Carry On!?’ out August 19.


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