Sophrosyne ‘Orpheus’ (Edit) : The joy and tension.


Rooted in the disparate genres of electronic music and New Orleans brass bands, Sophrosyne combines narrative, downtempo electronica with Mardi Gras rhythms to create a sound that is both unique and familiar.

“Orpheus is the first single from the upcoming album ‘Parades’. ‘Parades’ is an album of electronic music rooted in New Orleans, inspired by and invoking the parade experience: marching bands, distorted music blaring for dance troupes, the joy and tension of crowds of strangers. It can be unreal, a release from reality — all while making you want to dance in the street.”

Sophrosyne strives to convey balance and introspection, drawing on nostalgia and a sense of melodic story-telling. Interpretation, within a 2 version EP. It lives.


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