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Sorry shares ‘2 Down 2 Dance’ (Official Music Video). Thorns baby. Thorns.

Sorry isn’t sorry. Never are. Never should be. The energy is raw. The angst is ‘in your face’. And the stories and narration from their songs protrude out like the thorns from the deadliest of beautiful Roses. Can’t look away, but the pain in the cut skin, is real and the blood keeps on pouring out. Their new song ‘2 Down 2 Dance’ is just that, with the vocals of Asha Lorenz, sets the scene is set for a demolition.

Heck Yea.

The weight of the building had a tipping point (literally). One red Rose, heavy with thorns, dropped onto that naked, and bare concrete block. The laws of quantum mechanics, manifested itself onto the local footprint. Efficiently, and without doubt, bringing down that flesh below – layered in a heap of lifeless memoranda, now just a quote in a circus world.

The band consists of: Asha Lorenz & Louis O’Bryen, two 19-year-old childhood best friends who along with Lincoln Barrett (drums) and Campbell Baum (bass), where the band has been playing on London’s underground circuit since 2015.

“2 Down 2 Dance” is their second official release for Domino, produced by Oli Barton-Wood (Alaskalaska, HMLTD). Sorry have also shared the “2 Down 2 Dance” video today, directed by Asha and collaborator Flo Webb, featuring a delicate dance routine performed by a pair of ballet artists, contrasting with the track’s gnarled riffs.

“Ballet dancers can seem so graceful and shy when they move, you are content to just watch as they strive for perfection. We hope the song and video go hand in hand mirroring both beauty and subtle sadness in their movements.” – Asha Lorenz

Check out their tour dates [HERE]

Then Buy [HERE]

Sorry is rep’ed by the folks at Domino Recordings.



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