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Souls Extolled – Touch Me (Fuck Me)

There will be time when you have get out of your conventional sexual practices with the one you dig and love. We’re animals. We need to have that healthy sexual life. And as you grow older and with much more experience you want a bit more from the practice. Being forthright with your sexuality, empowers you, emotionally and mentally. And when that happens, self confidence can be achieved at record heights and levels. It’s natural. It’s what our brains are wired to do. And when done responsibly and thoughtfully, once started, the world seems brand new once more. Liberate yourself, and maybe listen to Souls Extolled single ‘Touch me (Fuck Me)’ off of their latest LP, ‘Follow The Ghosts’. Some reggae rock is good for your health. Really.

The Good Graces – Story to Tell

The Good Graces make ‘90s resurgence-style indie-folk music for real music fans. And at the heart of the Good Graces is songwriter, singer and guitarist Kim Ware, with a cast of interchanging band members on lead guitar, banjo, mandolin, steel guitar and piano. Oh yea. That delicious rock grace comes through with aces up in the sleeves, and with guns blazing in his single ‘Story To Tell’. Don’t let the calm beginnings fool you. It’s an intense single with exercises in song that hits 80’s power ballads, and 90’s grunge-country aesthetics that makes this such an item to sing along to. Kim’s unique vocals also contribute heavily to the character of his songs, which results in textures unfound in other versions of such genres. A choice she’d made for this particular recording, her slight baritone melds into a land of fascination and delivers with oomph and gumption.

Swell Spells – Nostalgia

California Lo-fi rock band Swell Spells latest single “Nostalgia” is off of their second coming EP. ‘Nostalgia’ was written by Patrick Sena when he was alone in his room, going through things that made his reality stressful. Simultaneously struggling with the acceptance of losing relationships with people who were once so close and dear from either growing apart, moving away and even being screwed over. The band is made up of Patrick, Jarrett Alarcon and Joshua Aguliera. The trio makes fuzzed out envelopes of thoughts and feelings, neatly packaged in dream-pop excellence and icing on top. It’s not sugary. It’s life. A very personal and decadent life that lives in the world of Swell Spells. We want in. You should too.

Numi – Disorderly

“This is a record off my new debut album / very first body of work called ‘Disorderly’,” said Numi. “The album features alluring R&B-inspired vocals and pop melodies, empowering messages, romance, and a touch of humor/sarcasm. It features gritty, groovy, dynamic production. It relays the message that we should stay true to ourselves, not let others take advantage of/silence us, and that we can break stereotypes instead of subscribe to them. It’s about self-awareness and knowing ourselves and our motivations, allowing us to persevere through the ups and downs. It’s about having our hearts in the right place and never giving up.” NUMI is a singer-songwriter does sound-atmospheres. Meaning she takes the nitrogen from this atom, and turns it into that neglected side of you, your child in you, the outlook into the future – into a tangible aerosol deeply inhaled to bliss. The rainbow of splatters, in color, smudged then framed. Like an oil painting, in pop-art. Like the water shimmer, when looking back up into the sky, from a deep deep oceanic dive.

Faux Ferocious – No Pressure

After releasing their acclaimed album ‘Pretty Groovy’ earlier this year, the band caught the attention of Danger Mouse who signed them to his label 30th Century Records. The songs continue the band’s motorik post-punk sound with uncluttered lyrics and walls of delay. Nashville based kraut-punk project Faux Ferocious releases the follow-up to their 2019 Burger Records full length, Pretty Groovy, with a vicious new 7-inch via 30th Century Records, the record label of producer extraordinaire Danger Mouse. Dirty, hairy, name it all for the sound of Faux Ferocious. But don’t fret. Their songs are fabulous, never too hairy, and will ride up your backside with all of the goosebumps that makes them so very endearing. Live it like it’s rock from the 80’s and you have Faux Ferocious in ‘No Pressure’. Let’s make some whoopin’ fun.


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