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Sound Company // Graveyard Club // Wild Mercury // Bad Buzz // The Reconstructed

Sound Company – Feel

Louisville, Kentucky based rock band SOUND COMPANY digs around your notion of what music should be. With emphatic new-wave like rhythms, they combine indie-rock habits with elements of lyrical flow that is affectionate and understanding. The organic vibes bounce off the walls of your mind, with sultry convictions. And you stand there in the brilliance of the light, and you’re frozen in clarity and happiness. With vocal growls to go with that shake, ‘Feel’ is a glowing anthem to what love will and won’t be…in time, and space. The band consists of: Billy Lease, Hunter Embry, Jaime Innis, Josh Anna, and Nick Hall.

Graveyard Club – William

Yep. We’re into GRAVEYARD CLUB. What of it?? Synth, rock, experimental, new-wave – all just flow without a care through the hands of GRAVEYARD CLUB. Brooding and sexy, the vocal combinations play and tickle your sensibilities as always. ‘William’ is part of the fab album ‘Goodnight Paradise’ that is available now. And in it, the full brunt of the band’s fabulousness comes shining through, in bright spectrums. Love and lust, remorse and forgiveness, all bounce with delight in the album, and we just can’t get enough. Matthew Schufman, Michael Wojtalewicz, Cory Jacobs and Amanda Zimmerman, keeps on riding off into that far off sunset, keeping our heart a-flutter and in love.

Wild Mercury – Orange County

It’s that first guitar lick that gets your blood going. Then the vocals drop and you’re there…in that space…lurking…dancing…waiting for the world to explode with fanfare. ‘Orange County’ is a classic country-rock vibe that the trio from Montreal Canada delivers with top shelf attitude and modern vision. Consisting of Anne Lauzière, Gabrièle Côté-LeBreux, and Marie-Pier Lavallée, the rock is never far off of any style they bring forth. There will always be rhythm and shine with these three, as the wellspring of fabulous indie acts flow prodigiously from the French speaking province. Love it.

Bad Buzz – Under Attack

Publication Canadian Beats wrote: ““[BAD BUZZ is] a unique blend of all eras of punk that is largely fueled by Green Day styled pop punk, Social Distortion, and a touch of The Ramones for good measure. What continues to make Far From Home an exciting album is the band’s unique songwriting voice that gives the album a wide sense of variety, making for an enjoyable listening experience, as well as giving the band a better sense of musicianship.” The emo punk rock vibe is brooding and raw as nostalgia calls upon it to be. The flow and the pace of ‘Under Attack’ is a romantic take on a guy who wanted to sing a ballad to his girl, but just all came out as a hard rock lullaby. But that’s why it’s cool, ain’t it? Contradictions play with your heart, and we dig it. As we should. Their 3rd album ‘Try Harder’ is available now.

The Reconstructed – Talking to Your Ghost

Martin England heads this band named THE RECONSTRUCTED. We know a friend who at 35 had one of his hips replaced. Now he’s faster than ever! Cripes! And just like that mechanical hip, THE RECONSTRUCTED comes with their branded sultry songs that just radiate confidence that you seek from a band. The Maine band hasn’t had hip replacements, but they are a manicured song making machine that just keeps things humming along like that beautiful day when she kissed you for the first time. Other stresses just were forgotten, for that one kiss made all of the aches go away. That’s what ‘Talking To Your Ghost’ brings together in its format. Loving, playful, rockin’, and accessible. Always organic and trusted, the band keeps on. And we dig that.


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