SOUP! x Meredith Adelaide ‘All To Myself’ : Of empowerment and of taking back of your emotional means. Embraces and loves.

'All To Myself'

London based duo SOUP! (Gigi Piscitelli, Matt Hardy) forges a fun and uplifting vibe of single ‘All To Myself’ with American artist Meredith Adelaide.

Matt Hardy said: “The track began with a kind of pitched-up vocal loop. To date, I have no idea what it is or where it came from. We jammed over this as a band and developed the current groove. Loads of crazy arpeggiators and guitar loops were added in the process. We really wanted it to sound as mad as possible!”.

With LCD Soundsystem, Talking Heads and Soulwax feelz, the duo shines upon a light of effervescent disco-esque and alt-indie, charms and tasty waves.

A dancey and loving single, of empowerment and of taking back of your emotional means. That’s where ‘All To Myself’ embraces and loves.


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