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Sovy // Munro Melano // SONICONOCLASM // Yehan Jehan // Other Nature

Sovy – Oh, Shit!

“I’m here for the outcasts, the losers, the weirdos…” That’s what artist with the humble heart, Sovy, tells us. And he’s right on it. With the world as it is, and as it will, in many ways, continue to stay that way, a wolf-like innocence cries out. On way to do so, is hum to the mists of single ‘Oh, Shit!’. Rhyme, vision, pop-intuition, envelopes with irreverent but always empathetic tones of Sovy. Get on this train ride. It’ll be about the bumps and trials of this world. Let’s go.

Munro Melano – Cannonballs

After almost four years of balancing a day-job as a social worker, a night job composing for film ([CENSORED], Paper Trails, Doing it in Public), and a weekend job as a session musician, Munro Melano has finally finished his deeply ambitious debut full-length self-titled album. Said Munro: “When you’re writing music for other people while also holding on to a day job, you’re own album is always the thing that gets pushed to the side. It was frustrating not having the time to finish it, but it’s been amazing to see how my relationship to the music has changed over the long stretches of time between writing, recording, and getting the album out there.” Produced by long time friend and collaborator Yen Nguyen (Mechanical Pterodactyl), ‘Cannonball’ is letting go of many of the inhibitions, of self. It’s about someone else. Something bigger than yourself now. The album is about the new chapters of his life, as a father. Light and sounds feel different after that page has been turned. ‘Cannonballs’ is one of his promises for the future – a new future – to himself, and to many others. The Melbourne based artist drops his new self-titled album November 7th. See him live @ Reservoir Stomp Festival, VIC, November 17th.


This is the third release from the new upcoming album by SONICONOCLASM. The project is a Berlin based experimental hip hop / electronica / rock band. They follow a path that has been laid out in the respective work of its creators as artists and producers: eerie loops and found footage samples, cinematic soundscapes, lo-fi sound fragments, cut up lyrics and hook-lines are all blended together into a dark, broken, glitched, detuned version of a hit record with epic dimensions. SONICONOCLASM brings new sultry into ‘Dead Air Zone’, effecting your schemea – a torrent of thought and subsistent value, linger with questions for reality and the matrix of you heart. Never lorn for the understated, the subtle industrial innovations, clash out of the words and notes of ‘Dead Air Zone’. But it teaches with supple endurance and cannon stipulations, in emotional gravity. Sebastian M. Purfürst, and Markus F.C. Buhl, are SONICONOCLASM.

Yehan Jehan – Haze

Yehan Jehan has announced his new EP ‘Earth Arrangements Vol.1’, which will be released November 15 on Aphrodite. “The song is about algorithms, the digitalization of society and vanity,” explained Yehan. “The Haze is the general sociological mess heightened by the continuous digital presence and its absorption of all attention.” Yehan was born in North London after his musician parents moved from Bosnia in 1991. His father is a composer, his mother a piano teacher who taught Yehan from a young age. Her love of classical music feeds its way into the elegant shape of Yehan’s songs. “I’m passionate about all the fields I’m involved with,” he explained. “If I work on music continuously and neglect my visual side, then once my music is made I can put my energy there.” The marrow of life, is at the tip of Yehan’s tongue of gratitude and vibes. In the silver lining of his attitudes, he brings the wistful and memorable, notions of ‘goodness’ that he believes we all have within. Call it ‘naive’ if you’d like, but the positivity of Yehan, exudes the kind of energy that we all could use a healthy dose of. Profoundly unassuming, radically expedient, Yehan’s ‘Haze’ rises up to take up the challenge of being, and not. The culmination of what we are and yet to be, comes to an impasse of thoughts and ‘maybe’ pauses. The world can be complicated. Together we can drive forward. See Yehan next with Deep Deep Water @ The Pickle Factory E2, London, on October 30th.

Other Nature – The Throne

Other Nature’s Sena stated: “Musically the song is a weird mash of lo-fi, R&B with a big cinematic chorus that I put together and sent to Tariq to get some melody ideas on top of. We usually mumble words over some music and meet up and flesh out the words. The lyrics of the song are essentially from the perspective of the conscience of a tyrant. Someone who lies over and over, and rules people. The words came really quickly, and seem to be accidentally apt given current world events” Consisting of multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and producer Sena Verdi and singer-songwriter Tariq Khan, Other Nature’s, protective veneer for what love and everything that falls at its sustenance, culminates into a beautiful fruit. In this project, the tinge of 80’s synth and lyrical summations, drive the agendas for feelz and radical calls in dreams. Combinations of Tears For Fears, Depeche Mode and a heavy dose of r&b and hiphop beats, glamor with the dance of your favorite coming-of-age visions. Charm is in the cards, when Other Nature comes to town.


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