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SOYBOMB’s Single ‘Someone’s Got the Best of Me’ Gives You That Excuse To Be The Fab You.

SOYBOMB just dropped an ordinance capable of making your limbs and body move in ways you’d never thought you could. That warhead is their latest single ‘Someone’s Got the Best of Me’. It’s just a fun time, and the trio wants you to get to that happy place and dance the night away.

‘Someone’s Got the Best of Me’ is the first single off of their new album ‘Jonglage’, and it certainly sets an expected tone for what we at CHF and all of you can expect from Beda Mächler (Lead-Vocals, Guitar), Andreas Achermann (Synths, Organ, Backing-Vocals), and Linus Gmünder (Drums, Backing-Vocals).

The expectations are kinda high, in our eyes.

That’s a good thing though, for ‘Someone’s Got the Best of Me’, with the synth ingrained party of a single, lifts you up from the first bar of the song, and keeps you on that ride with the boys, enjoying every moment and collage they present.

In the video, they show us the way they’ve always been, with twinkling shards of their brand of humor, all of it just deliciously encapsulated by the fascinating and interesting usage of their vocals and instrument manipulations. With the funk and soul layers of musical forestation the single is happily glistening in pop rationalization.


Get into SOYBOMB.

Oh and we love the trio’s sense of humor coming straight out of their video. Marvelous to be exact.



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