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SPAER shares New Single ‘For You’ (Official Video) Off Of Upcoming New Album ‘Vol.1’

SPAER’s new single ‘For You’ captured for us a sense of daunting work. The description of the blazing bubbling of the notes, and the singular palpitations of the lyrics through sullen vocals, can’t help but draw the sight of humans, fighting against the magnitude of nature. Ever resisting the individual temptation to fold, and give up.

“Toil and toil, down this slide of ice and snow. No end in sight, with only heavy burdens of responsibility and the angry biting of the cold. Pull forward, the dogs aren’t moving. We must persevere. We can’t become part of nature. Don’t get warm. Dream away, to the warm fires of home’s kindling, with my darling by my side.” – CHF

But we bump and dance and continue!

SPAER is the new experimental psych project from the audio/visual artist and producer Peter Spears (one of the founding members of the acclaimed Brooklyn psych band Psymon Spine) and coincides the announcement for the release of his debut album ‘SPAER Vol. 1’.

When I reached the mouth of the bitter cold bay, I was alive.
Can such majestic sights be captured fairly?
I can’t believe I will be conquering this vast wilderness soon.

It’s been months, and there’s no sparkle.
We’ve lost this fight. Our team lost today.
History will never forget.

The darkness is just around the corner with SPAER’s songs, humming, bumping, strewn with bodies of notes slashed and gently discarded. Among the cast of dead characters in SPAER’s story, lives that gentle flower. Hope, want, passion, then accomplishment.

Here we go sailor. Let’s drown our sorrows.
We’re on our way, back to our mother’s wombs.
This life ends, but another will begin, soon.

The album is a brilliant interpretation act, with sumptuous mixes, digital abstractions, and fabulous collaborations. Collaborative artist included in the album are: Katie Martucci, Money Penny, Violet, Crier Ike, Izzy Howard, Crier Ike, Katie Martucci. The album crosses many indie and pop genres, feasting at the marrows of what makes it experimental and so delicious to experience.

And just like the ‘explorer’ described previously, the tale of ‘Vol.1’ continues in myth and lore of the digits put down and laid against that which will resurrect and thrive in the masses.

Kudos, Peter. Kudos.

Just love this album. Can’t wait for you all to hear it too.

We imagine this set on live stage, and we convulse with joy.

New album drops April 13th.

He’s rep’ed by the good folks at Axis Mundi Records.

Buy album [HERE]


1. Kristie (ft. Katie Martucci)
2. For You
3. Silo (ft. Money Penny)
4. Gloom Moon (ft. Violet)
5. Ahabraham (ft. Crier Ike)
6. Critter (ft. Izzy Howard)
7. Nothing (ft. Violet)
8. Taste (ft. Crier Ike)
9. Jewel (ft. Katie Martucci)
10. Low Road
11. Outro


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