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SPAER Shares ‘Critter ft Izzy Howard (Edit)’. Listen & Absorb The Pop Darkness Of You.

SPAER became (without permission of Peter Spears) to us at CHF, a fave. We’re sure he doesn’t mind. For his beats and experimental collaborations are just that itch that you cannot find, and it’s the fire in your heart you don’t want to extinguish. The pop clarity of the song is, yes, very ‘pop’. However, it’s in the details of the keys and notes perpetuated by SPAER that keeps this song in the underground subterranean existential Universe.

Debut project EP will drop April 23rd.

“Critter” (buy/stream) that came out this morning, which features Izzy Howard on vocals. The lush track is the second song SPAER has shared from his debut album Vol. 1 that Axis Mundi Records is releasing on April 13th (advance below). “Critter” samples iPhone recordings taken while participating in a group sound experiment conducted during a Critter and Guitari workshop (hence the name). Izzy Howard’s original lyrics and melody were inspired by the power she felt through realizing her autonomy.

SPAER is the new experimental psych project from the audio/visual artist and producer Peter Spears (one of the founding members of the acclaimed Brooklyn psych band Psymon Spine) and coincides the announcement for the release of his debut album ‘SPAER Vol. 1’.

The album is a brilliant interpretation act, with sumptuous mixes, digital abstractions, and fabulous collaborations. Collaborative artist included in the album are: Katie Martucci, Money Penny, Violet, Crier Ike, Izzy Howard, Crier Ike, Katie Martucci. The album crosses many indie and pop genres, feasting at the marrows of what makes it experimental and so delicious to experience.

And just like the ‘explorer’ described previously, the tale of ‘Vol.1’ continues in myth and lore of the digits put down and laid against that which will resurrect and thrive in the masses.


SPAER is rep’ed by the good folks at Axis Mundi.

Buy [HERE]



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