SPARKLING ‘Alive’ : Yes. We do.


Brothers Leon and Levin Krasel, plus Luca Schüten, man the helm of the ship named Sparkling. They released their multilingual debut album ‘I Want To See Everything’ in 2019, co-produced by Andy Ramsay (Stereolab), and it is a critical form of excellence that is both distinct and invigorating. From synth laden singles to indie-rock infused bops and to experimental sizzles, the trio makes music that hits the spot, once and always.

‘Alive’ has been chosen to be release again, with the aim of reminding us of the fabulousness and of the celebration of being part of a remix offering where Hiro Ama does his magic on the song.

‘Alive’ is a challenge to the lack of emotion and expression of the yearning urge for intense feelings. “Desperate, but still full of desire to once again experience intensively and feel oneself again. To escape the dull feeling of emptiness. And to finally feel alive again.Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Do you feel alive?”

Yes. We do.


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