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‘Sparks’ By Vincent Pine. Catch That Unsettled Nervousness. Look Into Her Eyes. No Worries.

Wandering in life is a part of that seemingly perennial significance which is essential. Sometimes we don’t know what to do. Sometimes we do, but just don’t know how to. And sometimes we are stuck in this gray crevasse of a gargantuan and insurmountable shoulder. Climbing, trying, hurting, crying, losing, winning.

‘Sparks’ is Vincent Pine’s single of guitar and synth driven bedroom-pop day-dreaming; the floating thoughts, like sheep hurdling over fence posts, non-sensical and at the same time, essential to one’s happiness. And that is what Pine is asserting in this piece.

Happiness, “could be”. Even when it’s nowhere in sight.

Happiness, “can’t be”. Even when it’s in front of you.

It’s about balance and the sometimes well meaning content, we all desire.

It’s about un-witting attention to the wrong disciple and always looking foolish in searching.

It’s about coming back to terms, within yourself, to solidify that which cannot be, but has to ‘be’.

With elements reminiscent of indie-pop and touching the likes of retro-wave sensibilities, ‘Spark’ is a great platform for Pine to spring. The unassuming task of a song, is under-rated and delightful to chill to.




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