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Speak, Brother Shares ‘Even Though We Are Strangers’.

With the effervescence of Cold Play, and the layered story telling of Bear’s Den or Paper Kites, the gang in SPEAK, BROTHER kicks it up a notch with single ‘Even Though We Are Strangers’.

SPEAK, BROTHER have built a reputation for writing songs which speak directly to the heart and encourage vulnerability. It is, after all, what their name wants to inspire: conversation and connection.

After their debut album ‘Young & Brave’ (2018), they’ve doubled down on their own ambitions in growth and expansion of their sound and veracity of their musical claims.

Brought to life by the stories of struggle and the artworks sent in by fans, their previous release, “Meet Me In The Chaos”, explored how the simple act of sharing our stories helps us meet and connect with each other just as we are.

The band delivers with vibrance, while embracing the sanctity of songwriting and substantive expressions.




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