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Special Explosion – Fire

“I’d never been this exhausted before. The trials, the challenges, the cold, the inconveniences – and I’d never felt more alive.” Special Explosion’s new second studio album ‘To Infinity’ will drop on December 15, 2017. And the single that spearheaded that movement is ‘Fire’.

It’s a chant, of sorts.

A song that ‘chants’ – aggressively folding the thoughts and reservations into a neat little packet.

A packet that is wholly heavier than what it really seems – for it’s holding onto a lifetime of mis-cues, after-thoughts, embarrassments, opportunities, and missed life-investments.

Most importantly, within the small and angular posing of the vocals, is that angst – the regret of not being with the person who made one better.

She sat at the edge of the small cliff, out in California – somewhere, a place, that doesn’t matter for this story.

She was now ‘insignificant’. She made herself that way.

She guessed, maybe it was meant to be.

The love of her life left her, at the end of the night – last night.

After and during a cup of coffee, they talked.

About the two of them. What they meant for each other. What the world would receive, if they officially joined forces – announcing their life long plans.

The discussion abruptly, and unfortunately, stopped – and tears strolled down her and his faces.

It was too late. They knew it.

So, she sat at the edge of the small cliff, out in the humid, drizzles of the Pacific coast.


We’d mentioned ‘Fire’ is a chant. It could fit in a stage-play. A dramatic buildup to the pen-ultimate retaliatory chapter in that particular gravity heavy drama.

There’s no particular climax. But the interest is there. Churning. Haunting. Reminding.

The right questions are posed – deep but shallow enough, for us to see and feel through the gently rippling water.

We’re looking forward to the rest of the record, and from what we’ve heard – it continues that unknown and compelling journey. ‘Fire’ is just the tip. The album is a a unique experience.

We dig it. You should too.

Kudos, SE gang. Kudos.

The new album ‘To Infinity’ drops, as we’d mentioned, on December 15th, 2017.

They’re rep’ed by Topshelf Records, the fab label in San Diego.



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