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Special Purpose Shares ‘Dispatcher’. “Kicking Up A Storm, And Making You Scratch Your Head.”

SPECIAL PURPOSE doesn’t need special permission, to depict some purposeful acceptance by the forces surrounding that tasty wave by the beach. No beaches though in Brooklyn. Well, not true. Manhattan, Brighton, Rockaway – to name a few. But definitely no ‘tasty waves’ as Sean Penn would say in ‘Fast Times at Ridgemont High’.

No one does it like SPECIAL PURPOSE.


They are an anomaly that sneaks up on you.

The tunes are solid, and non-descript. Just doesn’t pop out and scream as you’d expect.

However. Dig DEEPER. Look past the surface, and there you can fine SPECIAL PURPOSE GOLD.

Just like that rare ‘tasty wave’ (on whatever beach of your choosing), ‘Dispatcher’ is the gate to that hallowed foothills where SP’s little thoughts and opinions merge together to form these fabulous tunes.

Think of David Bowie, David Byrne, 10,000 Maniacs – but all in a 4 member rock band that just blends in so effortlessly – kicking up a storm, and making you scratch your head and saying, “Heck, this is some tasty tunes!”

We at CHF, we’re not vaccinated from using ‘clumsy’ tales of intrigue and stories to say the simplest things.

“Dig this single. Dig this band.”

You really should.



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