Special Thumbs ‘Actual Texture’ : Exact petulance – the encore – that immediacy, divine.

Special Thumbs

Running on a treadmill of life, you sweat relentlessly of the blood that was poured. A sacrifice of lust and innuendos, you gauge the likelihood for sanity and acceptance. A gripping presentation in ‘Actual Texture’, is a forbearance for that exact petulance – the encore – that immediacy, divine. A call to arms, of self prudence and melancholy of doubt. Textured ambience, and certainly guitar driven, the mix of fragrances waft with amber glow.

Originally formed by Colorado natives Joey Riley (vocals/lyrics/keys) and Patrick Greene (vocals/lyrics/guitar), who’ve been friends since junior high, the band takes its name from a passing conversation about finger painting. The moniker stuck and has since come to signify the band’s appreciation for all artistic expressions and mediums. Over the past couple years, Riley and Greene welcomed Ryan Magnani (bass) and Ryan McGuire (drums) to the line-up.

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