Special Thumbs Share ‘Fabricated’. “Hooky, psyche-tinged fabulousness.”

That guitar lick is worth the price of admission. Gritty, nostalgic, radiating with information, Special Thumbs’ single ‘Fabricated’ throws the kitchen sink at you with manicured sophistication and beautiful rock mannerisms. The impacting results in hooky, psyche-tinged fabulousness that you want to listen over and over.

Originally formed by Colorado natives Joey Riley (vocals/lyrics/keys) and Patrick Greene (vocals/lyrics/guitar), who’ve been friends since junior high, the band takes its name from a passing conversation about finger painting.

The moniker stuck and has since come to signify the band’s appreciation for all artistic expressions and mediums. Over the past couple years, Riley and Greene welcomed Ryan Magnani (bass) and Ryan McGuire (drums) to the line-up. And now, the four go by Chiefy Roon, Pablo Tortoise, Mufasa and Animal, respectively, on stage.

Textured ambience, and certainly guitar driven, the mix of fragrances waft with amber glow, as the band plays with distinguished absolution – for their audience, craft, and the willingness of fun and all.

See them next @ Ponyboy in Oklahoma City on October 31st.


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